The Jesus Hospital Charity (JHC) provides 63 unfurnished dwellings for ladies aged 50 plus, who reside alone and are fit and able to care for themselves. The Alms houses are situated in Barnet in Potters Lane, Grasvenor Avenue, Monken Hadley, Wood Street and Union Street.

An almshouse is a form of charitable housing. Almshouses were usually established by a local benefactor, and have been provided for local people over many centuries.

There are 2 forms of almshouse, the main type, are typically for older people (but the age range and other criteria varies between almshouse charities)

The second form of almshouse, are those reserved for people who used to work in a particular form of employment. For example, those retired from retail, transport and mining etc

Jesus Hospital Charity currently has 63 almshouses. Most of our properties are one bedroom cottages, with a separate lounge, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, plus a small garden.

The Charity also has 6 bed sits, which have a separate kitchen and bathroom, and are lower in rent (which is called weekly maintenance charge). Residents also make a contribution towards utilities. Residents are beneficiaries not tenants.

The Charity’s almshouses are spread over 6 sites in Barnet. In Potters Lane, Grasvenor Avenue, Wood Street, Union Street and Monken Hadley.

The 63 Alms houses of Jesus Hospital Charity

62 to 72 Wood Street

Built in 1679. The original row of 6 for “widows or maids.”

76 to 86 Wood Street

Built in 1731. Garrett’s Alms houses. Jesus Hospital took them over in 1949 when they ran out of funds.

88 to 90 Wood Street

Built in 1985. Mary Ravenscroft cottages. Named after James’s wife Mary.

Flat 1 & 2 Coe’s Alley

Purchased in 1970’s House converted into two flats

Flat 1 and 2 Union Street

Built in 1977. Two alms house flats built above Ravenscroft Lodge.

1 to 16 Potters Lane

This is our largest site. The original 15 almshouses were built in 1929 and in 2019 7 new almshouses were completed bringing the total to 22. There is not a number 13.

1 to 15 Grasvenor Avenue

Built in 1934. Again there is not a No 13.

1 to 3 Pagitt’s In Monken Hadley

Founded in 1678 by Justinian Pagitt. JHC took them over in 1985.

1 to 6 Wilbraham’s Alms houses

Founded in 1612 by Sir Roger Wilbraham. The 6 bed sits here were built for “The decayed house keepers and maids “ who once worked in the large houses in Hadley. JHC took them over in 2010 and in 2012 we marked a very special celebration, where we celebrated the 400 year anniversary of when they were first built.

Our 2019 ~ Entry Criteria

Applicants are required to have had a period of residency in the Borough of Barnet. Priority is given to those from the Area of Benefit which is…

The Former Urban District of Barnet:

High Barnet ~ New Barnet ~ East Barnet ~ Friern Barnet.

However, we can consider the rest of the borough to fill vacant dwellings.

  • Female
  • Aged 50 or over
  • In housing need
  • Genuine reason to move
  • Cannot afford to rent privately
  • Able to live independently
  • Home Visit
  • Interview


  • No Pets
  • No Overnight Guests

In addition, as these properties are for people in genuine housing need, residents are not allowed to be away from their alms-house for more than 28 days in the year.


Lounge ~ Kitchen ~ Bathroom ~ Bedroom ~ Small Garden

Resident Costs

  • Weekly Maintenance Charge
  • Utilities

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