COVID-19 virus update


We continue to be aware that the current situation with the COVID-19 virus is one that is developing and changing on a daily basis.

We are doing all we can to ensure the health and safety of all of our residents, staff and contractors. 

We are aware that having so much information is somewhat overwhelming.

We continue to follow all advice and guidance provided to us, currently on a daily basis from Public Health England and the government, and we will continue to seek advice around any particular concerns that arise. We have put actions in place and contingencies in place should they need to be enacted to respond appropriately to COVID-19.


The Charity


The Jesus Hospital Charity was established in 1679 by James Ravenscroft, and his wife Mary, who drew up an agreement to ensure the support and maintenance of lady residents, known as Sisters, residing in Ravenscroft Cottages in Wood Street, Barnet.

The Charity is run in accordance with a scheme prepared by the Charity Commission and is administered by 12 Trustees known as Visitors.

Day to day administration is carried out by the Charity’s Clerk, Administration Officer, Finance Officer and the Visiting Officer.

In 2010 The Jesus Hospital Charity took over Wilbraham’s Alms houses, which were established in 1612 by Sir Roger Wilbraham.

The Almshouses

The Jesus Hospital Charity (JHC) provides 63 unfurnished dwellings for ladies aged 50 plus, who reside alone and are fit and able to care for themselves. The Alms houses are situated in Barnet in Potters Lane, Grasvenor Avenue, Monken Hadley, Wood Street and Union Street.

Grants (Relief in Need)

Jesus Hospital Charity are able to provide grants for individuals or organizations who reside or operate in the area of benefit.The provision of grants is called Relief In Need, and the Charity is able to provide grants if there is a surplus in funds during the financial year.


Jesus Hospital Charity provides low cost accommodation to those in housing need and of limited financial means.


This little hospice will remain a place of safety, a permanent memorial of thankfulness to God and of Love for the needy.Established by James Ravenscroft, gentleman, and Mary, his wife, in the year of man’s salvation, 1679.May the Blessed One bless it. May it be blessed by those blessed by it.

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