Ten Questions ~ Joan Hall

Joan Hall has spent her entire life living in Barnet and is one of the Charity’s longest standing residents.  Joan moved into her Potters Lane cottage in September 1990.


  1. What is your best childhood memory?
     “I was a very lucky child, my parents took me everywhere, I remember being taken around all the local cricket clubs by my father.”
  2. What is the best thing about living in Barnet?
    I always loved Barnet, I was born and brought up here, having lived in Union Street. I’ve seen a lot of changes of course. I was also christened and married at Christchurch in St Alban’s road”
  3. Over the years, what has been your favourite venue?
    “I used to love going to the Salisbury Hotel which used to be in the High Street, they had wonderful dances, as did the Red Lion which is now the Toby Carvery”
  4. Favourite film of all time?
    I’ve always loved The Sound of Music, all the lovely singing. And of course, Gone with the Wind, which I remember seeing during the Second World War with my mother.”
  5. What has been the biggest change you have seen in Barnet?
    It has to be all the new houses which have been built, I remember when the Meadway was just fields and you had to climb over the stile to get towards the High Street. It also had the little cottage hospital which was near where QE Girls’ School is now.” 
  6. Favourite food?
    You can’t beat a good old roast, I love my fish and chips too.”
  7.  Favourite TV programme?
    “Well dear, I do love all my soaps, except modern ones like Hollyoaks.” 
  8. What are your interests and do you belong to any clubs?
    I belong to Odd Fellows, (Friendly Society) I enjoy do’s with the Puddenecks and always love a game of Bingo and a quiz. I worked in the hospital shop at Barnet General for 28 years and even now people say they recognise me from working there!”
  9. Best place you have visited abroad?
    “Rouen in France was memorable. Visiting the Peace Memorial.  The D Day beaches and of course Rouen is associated with Joan of Arc.”
  10. Finally, what do you enjoy most about living in your cottage in Potters Lane?
    “I can’t fault life at Potters! The friendly residents, lovely surroundings, it was the best thing I ever did moving here!”
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